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Electronic press kits for Douglas J. Cuomo and Arjuna's Dilemma

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"[Cuomo] blends Indian classical singing, jazz improv, the busy minimalist-style patterns that appear to have entered the bloodstream of so many composers and the jewel-like tones of a four-part women's chorus, all worked into a seamless whole, like a golden Indian brocade... It struck me that Arjuna's Dilemma has something a lot of new operas don't: appeal." —The Washington Post (on Arjuna's Dilemma)

"An appealing and unabashedly eclectic score" —The New York Times (on Arjuna's Dilemma)

"Haunting…a gripping experience. The score is a mesmerizing blend of vocal and instrumental possibilities.  Cuomo's background in jazz and ethnomusicology appear to have given him the ideal grounding to create such an opera." —Cleveland Plain Dealer (on Arjuna's Dilemma)

"Chief among the mass's attractions is the Kyrie of Douglas J. Cuomo...[He] has created an irresistible work that moves from heavenly simplicity to contrapuntal complexity." —SF Examiner

"Cuomo's Kyrie is one of the most musically striking of the newly commissioned movements. His eclectic use of speech juxtaposed with tightly chromatic clusters is hugely effective." —All Music Guide

"Not the least of its strengths is a musical score by Douglas J. Cuomo that blends electronically treated classical fragments and vintage kitsch into an eerie sound track that suggests the breaking down and reconstitution of matter into something ominous and uncontrollable." —The New York Times (on Atomic Opera)